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Dawn Johnson is an author, poet, and Editor of Carrie Magazine who currently attends Penn State University.

The sounds of the cars passing by and the hum of the street lamps filled me with something I hadn’t quite felt before; rage? confusion? anguish? To what did I owe this incredulous loss and why had I been on the receiving end?

I was conflicted in something I knew nothing about. “I love you”. Those words were haunted. Filled with ghosts both new and old, a reminder of the corpses left buried or dying; my old enemy.

Had he told me this in the spur of the moment? Or in uncontrollable glee? No. It was 3 am under a…

We all get bogged down in the thick of things and can become totally preoccupied with the smaller details of life. This is especially true when it comes to relationships; often we’re impeded by those little things and it impacts our answer to our partner’s inevitable, though often dreaded question: “Where do you see this relationship going?” If you fear your answer may be less than ideal and aren’t ready to rejoin the single’s club so soon, read on for a surefire way to know if they’re the one.

Are we at a standstill my dear love, where we wake to a youth that’s long due departed?

I’d follow your endings were I a braver soul, if I knew it wouldn’t lead me back to where I started.

To fight for your love is all I can do, for your amnesty these days renders me weak.

Speak to me softly my undying heart as I know I do not offer the truth that you seek.

I know my ill timing is most intolerable, and my ferocious attitude an inhibitor of glee.

But I hope when you see me in…

To my dearest Charles Morant,

Everyday I become increasingly more fearful that I’m going to disappoint someone; everyday I become increasingly more afraid of leaving my family. And I’ve planned to in the worst way — it’s the worst way of leaving I could think of, and it’s wrong and it’s horrible and it’s selfish, but you have to understand I’ve been debating this for awhile. All day, everyday I teach myself to suppress the very things I can’t help but think of. I know you’ll think it’s cowardly and I know it is cowardly, to leave and think in…

Dawn Johnson

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